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Sisyphus Rides

NGO founder Vince Vetro and a group of rural Nicaraguan women cycle across Nicaragua in an effort to raise awareness of the plight of the poor in Central America. Vince’s empathy for the poor gradually reveals its roots in a chaotic childhood growing up with 30 foster siblings and a troubled mother who lived, not just with debilitating depression, but also a true empathy for those in need. 

In Greek Mythology, the character Sisyphus, who has a great passion for life, angers the gods by putting Death in chains. His punishment is fitting. Sisyphus isn’t sentenced to death. Instead, each day, he must roll a boulder up a mountain only to have it fall back down each night. Some have used the story of Sisyphus as a metaphor to describe the world of micro finance; a world of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. For some, Sisyphus' fate may seem hopeless, but for Vince Vetro - founder of the micro-financing NGO, The Lending Journey, life's meaning is found in struggle itself. What drives Vince to fight the odds so clearly stacked against the poor in Central America? Why does he continue, not just to provide them with loans, but to befriend and mentor them in their struggle towards greater economic independence?  Sisyphus Rides examines Vince’s decision to exchange “the good life” in Canadian business for the constant challenge of third world micro finance.


Map of Nicaragua